Carpet Cleaning El Macero CA-95618

Project Type : Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning El Macero CA-95618

Just when you thought we were done we hit you with another clean home. Inspector Clean is always full of excitement and surprises good ones of course. This time that action took place in the beautiful city of El Marcero CA.

This cozy well decorated home with a magazine like decor (compliments and hats off to the great taste of the home owner) was in need of a light touch up. After the final finishing touches the owner was ready to showcase her home with pride again. Inviting friends and family members alike with one name in mind when asked the question. Wow your carpet looks wonderful who cleaned it? With a delightful response she said “Inspector Clean and no one else!”


Is all carpet cleaning the same?

To most peoples surprise not all carpet cleaning companies and there cleaning are created equal. So how is Inspector cleans cleaning the most wonderful cleaning you ever had? All our cleaning starts with our distilled and filtered pure water. It’s then combined with our advance soil blocking positive residue cleaners. Then topped off with our signature silk touch carpet fine fabric carpet softener.


Has your carpet turned to the dark side?

 After this carpet turned to the dark side we used the miracle of the force. Along with our Jedi mind tricks “These are not spots and stains you see anymore” carpet was back to the light side of the force.

Positive Residue Cleaning

Although there are lot of carpet cleaning companies that claim residue is non beneficial to the overall health and longevity of the clean we beg to differ. Our positive residue clean adds a layer of coating on the fiber defending carpet from sticky soil that bounds to the carpet Time and time again here from our repeat customers how long our cleaning outlasted and out performed any other cleaning they have used in the past. Our positive residue clean adds a layer of coating on the fiber defending carpet from sticky soil that bounds to the carpet. Leaving your carpet clean for months and months to come.




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 Professional carpet cleaning in granite bay? (redo) 

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Our Limited moisture process will leave your carpet dry in just minutes!

You can expect 🤯 MIND BLOWING😲 results when…

We Combine our enriched pure water and 🙊SECRET🙊 Spot & Stain ⬆️Lifting Formula⬆️.

Watch tough stains & traffic areas disappear right before your eyes with AFTERSHOCK.

Crunchy carpet turn into a cloud of comfort and fluff between your toes and underneath your feet.

You’ll wonder why you never gave us a CALL OR BOOK years & years ago.


STOP🛑SETTLING For professional carpet cleaning that doesn’t work.

No more reappearing spots & spills bait and switch cleaning companies or just plain old crappy work and service.

Send your carpet our way with a great online reputation you can never go wrong when using Inspector Clean.

Try a carpet cleaning company that loves there customers and what they do try inspector clean.

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