Carpet Cleaning Fair Oaks CA-95628

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carpet cleaning fair oaks

 Carpet Cleaning Fair Oaks CA – 95628

Can you believe your 👀eyes👀?

Yep that’s exactly how the carpet looked right before it was cleaned.

So how did we get this carpet super clean and fancy pants👖lookin you ask?

 It involved a lot of 💥🥽explosions🥽💥 👩🏻‍🔬mad Scientists👨🏻‍🔬and a few loud📣“ITS ALIVE”📣 moments.

Well maybe it wasn’t that exciting lol. So here is what really happened…

We swept🧹and vacuumed the carpet separating the dry soil from the sticky soil that bounds to the carpet fiber.

We then used our superior equipment 💪 and cleaning agents 🧪 to cut through the grimy sticky soil stripping it from the carpet.

Finally we applied our fine fabric softening agent & dri air mover pods to assist in the drying of the carpet.

Leaving nothing but clean vibrantcarpet in every corner and space you can see.

    The carpet was fully dry to the touch in 1 hour or less due to the great 🌤️weather🌤️and our unique drying process.


If you have heavily soiled carpet or carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in years don’t give up hope just yet.

Schedule a Free Demo/evaluation its 100% free of charge!

We don’t use high pressure sales tactics or slick rick words and our good looks to reel you in.


How are FREE DEMO works for you:

There are a lot of claims out there by many carpet cleaning companies that seem very common.

Number 1 cleaning, best there is, Greatest in all our area. Claims and statements are easy to make.

But Proof Trumps all here is how our free demo can help you make the right choice!


– We Inspect your carpet & evaluate its overall health

–  We then clean the most soiled or troublesome spot in your home  

– You the evaluate the results using a microscope Technology


What if I’m not happy with the results?

You get a FREE and yes we said FREE choice of deodorizer or cleaner on us!

So its a win win either way!



Did we mention our WARRANTY?

Yes you heard it right! All our cleanings include a not 7 not 15 not 30 but 60 day spill warranty.

what does our warranty cover?

Any and yes any new spot or spill (excludes pet stains)  

Spill anything and call us anytime after the cleaning is performed.

We come out clean the spill at no additional charge!

Is that Just absolutely positively fantastic!

Well Fantastic customer service & satisfaction is what we are about.


SoHow Do I Book? 

We made our booking super easy and tailored to fit your exact needs.

This is how simple our booking process is:

⬇️⬇️You can click this button here⬇️⬇️



  – after selecting the button above click the service you want us to perform

    – Choose the amount of areas you need cleaned

 – Pick the tech you wish to have in your home

   -Select the date and time & Vola

Your ready for a cleaning with inspector clean!



What are you looking for when searching for 

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We Love YOU💕 The Customer! 

Our feedback forum takes less then 1 minute to fill out and complete.

I’m mean we literally set a timer ⏲️ and timed it!

Your feedback helps improve our service and its always anonymous.

Important Note:

We are a local family owned business

Not a large corporation your feedback helps keeps you the customer happy.

As well as helps us keep our doors open so we can help our community grow!


Check out how we give back:

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