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Carpet Cleaning Granite Bay Professional carpet cleaning Granite Bay

Carpet Cleaning Granite Bay CA

A great before & after of a Lightly soiled carpet in a beautiful home in Granite Bay.

Carpet was treated with our unique After Shocksolution.

Formulated to restore high traffic areas JUST LIKE NEW!

We then applied a softening agent to help leave the carpet softer then a bunny🐇.

After using our drying pods and special drying pads carpet was dry in about 30-45 minutes.

The customer was left in complete shock look at after the cleaning was complete.

Check out what she had to say after the cleaning was done…

Real customer review from Google:

“If you have never got your carpets cleaned with inspector clean you definitely should.

It has been 2 weeks since he cleaned my carpet and it sill looks the same.

I have used Jeff before and he always honors his word with the 30 day warranty.

The cleaning only takes less then 1 hour to dry (since my carpet is a bit long) and feels really soft and clean.

Shop local and small use Jeff!” best carpet cleaning granite bay

Emily Larrea-Google


If your looking for a long last cleaning and you live near Granite Bay or surrounding areas.

We would love to provide you the service and cleaning you rightfully deserve.


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The Secret

To a clean formulated to perfection!

In every way possible 

At Inspector Clean we choose to take a different approach when it comes to clean.

Instead of choosing to follow the crowd as many do we wanted to insure we gave our customers the best of everything.

But how could we possibly achieve that how would we know our customers are getting the very best?

Possibly a way to test every product,process, and piece of equipment.

And thus we created The Cleaning Lab as we’d like to call it.


In order to perfect Our Professional Carpet Cleaning process in our Cleaning Lab.

We choose to start with the source of all of our cleaning our water.

Pure water Carpet Cleaner Granite bay ca

Pure Water isn’t regular water it isn’t even soft water.

Pure Water is simply just water no minerals, no hardness, just water.

So why is it so important to have water with ZERO impurities.

Hard water or regular water can lead to very poor cleaning results along with super crunchy carpet.

The residue from the water can look something like this over time…

YIKES! Although minerals are great for your body they can leave your carpet Crunchy.

 Also they tend to have an effect on overall cleaning which most professional carpet cleaning companies don’t consider.

Hard water reduces the effectiveness of the cleaner since it now has to work twice as hard.

Instead of focusing on just cleaning the carpet now the cleaner has to fight the hard water as well.

Typically our water is run through 4 stages of purification the first of which is filtration the second is purification.

Our Pure Water is processed thorough 3 stage filter to remove any metals,impurities and any harmful elements.

Then is completely cured using our distiller machine which also leaves the water soft and silky to the touch.

Leaving you with nothing but Pure Water. Carpet Cleaning Granite Bay

The better way is the Pure Water way velvet,silky,soft carpet every time.



Choose a Longer Lasting Clean 


Our second step in assuring you get the perfect clean. Is stripping the carpet of all dry soil.

We use a propitery cleaning technology that splits the 2 separates soils in your carpet.

Dry & sticky soil then extracts each soil separately using a lifting type of action.

Pulling the 2 separate soils away from the carpet and then replacing them with a protective layer of coating.

Which helps resist and repel dry and sticky soil from bonding to carpet fiber.

Ever wonder why most cleanings don’t tend to last more then a few days to a week? 

Carpet Cleaning Granite Bay CA

Most carpet cleaning companies don’t remove all dry soil and sticky soil in your carpet.

Don’t rinse out the all the carpet cleaner that was put down before cleaning.

Or over wet the carpet by adjusting the pressure to high on there equipment leaving your wet for days.

Which can be terrible for your carpet over wetting can cause whats know as Wicking.

Reappearing spots that pop out of nowhere days or weeks after the cleaning was performed.

To much carpet cleaner residue can also cause whats known as a rapid resoling.

Rapid resoling is an event in which carpet re soils at a higher rate then usual.

Typically as early as 1-4 days after the cleaning has been completed.

Which lead to Super dark areas of soil especially in high traffic areas.


Fast Drying 10 Minutes or less

(Results may very depending on density & type of carpet)

Our final step in our cleaning process is drying and releasing the remainder of the soil in the carpet.

Our specialty pads cling and lift any sticky soil and moisture in the carpet leaving nothing but clean & dry carpet behind.

We then use our drying pods to help evaporate the remaining moisture leaving the carpet dry in no time at all.

Most of our cleanings result in dry times less then 10 minutes long.

Our Solution-


The rumors aren’t entirely true residue isn’t always a bad thing or the enemy.

If that was the case why do zero or no residue companies apply carpet protector after a cleaning is performed?

Oddly enough our cleaning agents have a pre-built soil protector that repels dry soil & oily soil from attaching to carpet fiber.

Which typically starts working almost immediately after the carpet is dry (4-8 hours after the cleaning).

As well as lowering the surface tension of the carpet so that soils simply slip off the carpet so they can be easily vacuumed.

Resulting in a far longer lasting superior cleaning you can enjoy for months and months at a time.

In fact its all our cleaning come with a standard spot,soil,and spill Warranty.

Why Not Truck Mount Steam Carpet Cleaning? 

Although steam cleaning if used properly and with the right knowledge and right expertise.

Can be an extremely effective tool for professional carpet cleaning companies.

The risk associated with a slight mishap from a clogged jet or simple adjustment can yield poor cleaning results.

It also can be horrible to the overall health of the carpet causing irreversible damage.

Not running enough dry strokes,improper drying,to much pressure.

The list goes on. Along with the detrimental impact it can have on the environment.

The requirement of Open doors, slip hazard of hoses and solution lines.

After evaluating all the pros and cons of both cleanings and rigorous non stop testing.

In our lab and in real world applications. We determined our cleaning process is more effective on soil,stains, and spots.

Leaving virtually no soil behind without loud truck noises that can deter and aggravate your neighbors.

Or the need for open doors solution lines everywhere and prolonged 1-2 day dry times.

Although ultimately the choice is yours we recommenced doing research for anyone you choose to hire.

A great and skilled technician will ultimately out weigh the cleaning method chosen to clean the carpet.




Our spot & spill warranty

Life happens and we get it. But we are here to help with our extended warranty.

At inspector clean we cover any new spot or spill you have withing our 30-60 day warranty period.

Spill anything within that period and simply give us a call.

We arrive at your earliest convince and clean that area at no additional charge.

(Does not cover pet damage or pet stains)

Don’t get stuck with a subpar carpet cleaning company that offer no warranties.

I mean how can you trust a cleaning company that does not stand behind there work?

We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee on our cleanings so you rest assured you go the best service possible.

I live in granite bay I love what I just read.

Did you love all the reasons why you need to hire us.

Then you ready for the ultimate Carpet Cleaning Granite Bay city!

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Why Choose us?

For Professional carpet cleaning granite bay? 

Need a professional carpet cleaning that will blow you away?

Why not choose a local family owned business!

Our staff  & technicians are super friendly as well as extremely helpful.

Chat with us any time using our various options Chat,text,or over the phone.

Our Limited moisture process will leave your carpet dry in just minutes!

You can expect 🤯 MIND BLOWING😲 results when…

We Combine our enriched pure water and 🙊SECRET🙊 Spot & Stain ⬆️Lifting Formula⬆️.

Watch tough stains & traffic areas disappear right before your eyes with AFTERSHOCK.

Crunchy carpet turn into a cloud of comfort and fluff between your toes and underneath your feet.

You’ll wonder why you never gave us a CALL OR BOOK years & years ago.


STOP 🛑 SETTLING For professional carpet cleaning that doesn’t work.

At Inspector clean we believe you should live life to the fullest that includes hiring a service provider to improve your home!

Cheap cut rate cleanings will leave a sour taste in your mouth long after the feeling of great saving is over.


 That’s why we guarantee the following: 

No more reappearing spots & spills bait and switch cleaning or just plain old crappy work and service.

Send your carpet our way with a great online reputation you can never go wrong when using Inspector Clean.

Try a carpet cleaning cleaner that loves there customers and what they do try Inspector Clean.

Give Jeff or Alicia a call our small mom and pop team is here to leave you thrilled and happy.

If for any reason after the cleaning is performed you don’t like how a room turned out we will refund you




Don’t be Bamboozled! 

Check out why low price cleaning can be risky…

even though cheap carpet cleaning can be tempting the risk is not always worth it.

Don’t be a victim of cheap carpet cleaners that use bait and switch tactics.

Or possibly unprofessional equipment and or cheap damaging cleaners.

When looking for a great carpet cleaning company don’t make price your number one concern.

What are you looking for when searching for 

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