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Carpet Cleaning Loomis CA

We know exactly what your thinking…there is no way in hell that carpet is cleanable!

How did they do it?

Was it a fairy🧚🏻godmother?

Did they use one of there 3 wishes from the genie🧞after rubbing the lamp?

Whats the secret 🤔 the secret is are you ready….

RIFT  it’s the newest way to clean from Inspector Clean.

RIFT is a process that literally splits dry & sticky soil in half for a better cleaning.

Unlike traditional cleanings RIFT  focuses on removing not one but 2 separate soils in your carpet.

leaving only clean soft fluffy carpet behind.

We also combine Rift with our Stain Force SPOT & STAIN Removing formula.

Watch spot & stains vanish just like magic🎩and never come back again.

If your carpet is long over due for a cleaning and has become an eye sore hire Inspector Clean.

To get results just like this or even better.


Silky Soft Carpet Guaranteed!

You know what the worst feeling you can ever have?

Getting your carpets clean having them look clean & spotless then after they dry…

There Crunchy,ruff, not silky and soft like a million pillows!

So what do you do


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Why Choose us?

 Professional carpet cleaning in granite bay? (redo this)

Need a professional carpet cleaning that will blow you away?

Why not choose a local family owned business!

Our staff  & technicians are super friendly as well as extremely helpful.

Chat with us any time using our various options Chat,text,or over the phone.

Our Limited moisture process will leave your carpet dry in just minutes!

You can expect 🤯 MIND BLOWING😲 results when…

We Combine our enriched pure water and 🙊SECRET🙊 Spot & Stain ⬆️Lifting Formula⬆️.

Watch tough stains & traffic areas disappear right before your eyes with AFTERSHOCK.

Crunchy carpet turn into a cloud of comfort and fluff between your toes and underneath your feet.

You’ll wonder why you never gave us a CALL OR BOOK years & years ago.


We Love YOU💕 The Customer! 

Our feedback forum takes less then 1 minute to fill out and complete.

I’m mean we literally set a timer ⏲️ and timed it!

Your feedback helps improve our service and its always anonymous.


Important Note:

We are a local family owned business

Not a large corporation your feedback helps keeps you the customer happy.

As well as helps us keep our doors open so we can help our community grow!


Check out how we give back:

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